“A Police Dog is worth 10 Officers”
Quote; North Yorkshire Police

If you were a thief, would you face a trained Dog Handler and his Dog, or would you move on?

On sites or situations where a single uniformed officer is not enough to safely deal with a potentially violent or dangerous occurrence or where an intrusion of multiple persons is expected, then a specialised Guard Dog and Handler team may be the answer.

All our teams are highly trained and independently assessed to nationally recognised standards and are the Ultimate Deterrent. (Who is going to argue with an 8 stone German Shepherd?), this form of security can be used on almost any type of site or situation.

• Crowd control
• Mobile support Dog Handler units
• Open sites (parks cemeteries ect).
• Industrial estate
• Building sites
• Farm sites
• Special Events

All our Guard dog/handler teams are Sia Licensed, independently Insured, Highly Motivated, Trained and Qualified Professionals.

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